Empowering vulnerable families in Jesus’ name by creating opportunities that provide hope

Mercy House Global accomplishes our mission through job creation, orphan prevention, and personal development with a specific focus on the Bible’s most vulnerable: orphans, widows, refugees.

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Orphan Prevention & Hope for Widows

Words that shouldn’t go together: 12-year-old pregnant girls. Indentured teenagers. Child brides. Underage laborers. Survival prostitutes. Orphan-led homes. Violated minors.

When we see them side-by-side, we are offended because innocence and evil shouldn’t commingle. It’s unnatural, unholy, and unacceptable. Sadly, these sickening contradictions often describe the world’s normal.

Mercy House Global, through the work of Rehema House in Kenya, provides homes for pregnant teens surviving in unthinkable situations. We are not only addressing some of the most horrific problems around the globe in the maternity homes, overseen by widows; we are identifying solutions that bring healing, empowerment and hope for the future.

Subscription Clubs 

MHG Clubs exist for women to empower women.

We are tackling poverty through dignified jobs, in Jesus’ name.

MHG Club members support artisans and their families — thousands of women, men, and children around the world.

Refugee Empowerment

Mercy House Global is located just outside Houston, Texas, a city of more than 70,000 refugees, one of the largest populations in the USA. It employs about ten women who have resettled in Houston. This group of artisans called Local Hope creates candles, spa products, and home decor for our fair trade line. In addition to job creation, we provide programs to support the local refugee community, including ESOL (English Speakers of Other Languages) and empowerment luncheons that offer fellowship and skills training.






WOMEN's empowerment luncheons

Host an Event

Bring an immersive Mercy House Global experience to your venue! With a powerful message from our founder, a Fair Trade Pop Up Shop, and a coinciding candle class and volunteer project, this event gives guests a unique glimpse into the work of MHG and how they can be a part of how God is empowering vulnerable families around the world!

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I’m Kristen Welch


the founder and CEO of Mercy House Global. After a trip to Kenya in 2010 with Compassion International as a blogger and reading an article about tragic choices vulnerable families were making to survive, I wanted to respond. While in Kenya, I met Maureen Kaderi, a leadership graduate and former sponsored child of Compassion and just four months later we partnered together to begin Mercy House Global in the USA and Rehema Rescue Center in Kenya to provide homes for pregnant girls in crisis. To learn more about this journey, you can read my book, Rhinestone Jesus.

The global and local impact immeasurable.