Many of the residents at Rehema House are able to transition back home to a loving guardian who will help care for their child while they return to school. It’s the best case scenario for the young rescued mothers. Rehema House works tirelessly with their support system to see that this happens.

But in some cases, it is simply not possible for them to return home.

In January 2017, Mercy House was able to begin the funding for a Transition Home, that provides a bridge back into society for Rehema House residents who cannot return home yet. Rehema works to give the moms and their babies a safe place to live while they transition into vocational, secondary school and employment nearby and their children are taken care of by the live-in housemother until the begin school.

In this environment, the teen mothers are given a little more freedom to care for their children by shopping in the nearby markets for them, preparing meals, managing money from the small jobs they do at home that might include creating jewelry, sewing projects, painting, etc to make fair trade product. The average stay will be 18 months.

The Rehema Transition home currently houses 12 of our teen moms and their children along with a housemother at a beautiful rented private compound that is secure. The budget for the home, staff member, food, water, etc is approximately $3000 a month, half of which is raised by private donations and the other half by our newest subscription club, The Grace Case.