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Mercy House Global has eight artisan groups in Kenya that create custom product for our online stores and Fair Trade subscription clubs. These groups began as an overflow from Rehema House, the maternity homes we support in Kenya. We realized early in our endeavors of working with young and vulnerable pregnant girls, we also needed to  empower their families with dignified jobs to break the cycle of generational poverty. In 2018, we launched our first wholesale line in an effort to provide regular and sustainable work to our Kenyan artisans.


Miujiza means “miracles” in Swahili and that’s exactly what this group is. This group is comprised of the grandmothers of some of the babies of the teen moms from the maternity homes.

Against all odds, these women have become master weavers and are creating gorgeous rugs and throws. Each throw takes five days to make! Their lives are changing in significant ways with this sustainable work and new opportunities. Many of their daughters are now able to return home because of what God has done.

Three grandmothers make up the ceramic-side of Miujiza. The process of turning red Kenyan dirt into gorgeous glazed ceramic beads and small goods is intricate and requires a lot of hard work. This group is still growing, learning and troubleshooting this complicated process, but we are thrilled to offer their ceramic pieces in our fair trade subscriptions clubs and spring and fall jewelry lines.

Three women are able to make 45 ceramic beads a day and the process to make one ceramic beads takes about two weeks! We are so proud of their skill and hard work and cannot wait to see where God leads these new artisans.

Street Hope

Street Hope is made up of sixteen precious women in Mathare slum who begun their lives as artisans on the street. They were totally homeless due to difficult circumstances, many orphaned at an early age and doing whatever necessary to survive. One by one, they learn to hand stitch little felt hearts and moved into their own little homes.

We are excited to implement a new literacy program in 2018 so each woman can learn to read. God is doing beautiful things in their lives.

have hope

The lovely women of Have Hope from Kariobungi slum named their Bible Study group in 2010 “Have Hope” because they didn’t have any. They have been slowly and faithfully working their way out of poverty, one piece of jewelry at a time for years. They are diligent to save money as a group and have started multiple small businesses. We are so proud of them, beginning in 2022 they are going through training to become expert basket weavers. They are learning a skill that will make a way for them to sell in both the Kenyan market and in our Fair Trade subscription clubs, stores, and seasonal wholesale lines.

forged in hope

Forged  in  Hope,  is a  new  Mercy  House  Global  brass  jewelry  and goods group  from  Kibera  slum  in  Nairobi,  Kenya.  We   are   excited   to   partner   with   this   talented   family   of   artisans   and   step   into   a   place   of   empowerment   after  they  lost  their  business  covering  as  a  result  of  Covid-19.  We  believe  God  created  this  intersection  of  opportunity  for  a  new  season  of  dignified  job  creation.  We see His redemption in every forged-in-fire work of art.

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