Local Impact

Local Hope Initiative

Local Hope focuses on supporting women in Houston, TX who are coming out of a life of oppression and are in a vulnerable situation (refugee status, trafficking survivor, at-risk widow/elderly).

Quarterly Empowerment Lunches

Mercy House Global partners with several local ministries to hold quarterly empowerment lunches. Women are invited to come and join in fellowship with other women from similar life stages. Every quarter the women are taught a new skill necessary to integrate into life in the USA, as well as a focus on personal development.

ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages)

Every spring and fall, Mercy House Global partners with other local ministries to hold faith-based ESOL classes, free of charge to vulnerable women in the community seeking to learn the English language.

Artisan Training Program

Mercy House Global uses our quarterly lunches and ESOL classes to identify vulnerable women who would benefit from job and skills training. This program allows the women to obtain the necessary skills needed to hold a job in the USA, while also focusing on their personal growth and development. The skills are taught using faith-based lessons, and the women are paid a fair and livable wage for the products they make. The items are sold in the Mercy House Global Marketplace and MHG Clubs to help continue the cycle of empowerment.

Personal and Career Development

While the women are enrolled in our Artisan Training Program, our staff is working to identify a desired career path, unique to each woman. We help her work toward meeting goals and obtaining the training and skills needed to be successful. We want every woman to graduate our program with the confidence and skills she needs to obtain a job and provide for her family.

Be the change

When you purchase our fairly traded products, you are empowering survivors and those at-risk to be trafficked.

There are 40.3 million victims of human trafficking globally

81% are trapped in forced labor

25% are children

75% are women and girls