Local Impact

Refugee Empowerment

Mercy House Global is located just outside Houston, Texas, a city of more than 70,000 refugees one of the largest populations in the USA. MHG employs about ten women who have resettled in Houston. This group of artisans is called Local Hope, and created candles, spa products, and home decore for the MHG fair trade line.

Job Creation prevents human trafficking

We are training, equipping, educating these girls with better options. We are creating dignified jobs in Kenya to break the cycle of poverty that caused many families to allow their daughters into these situations.
We are educating shoppers locally and across the USA. We are providing an entry level way to engage in this fight by providing trendy fair trade product to buy. We are providing hands-on opportunities to serve. When you volunteer or shop locally at MHG, you’re taking action! Not only are you freeing up resources by serving, you are also becoming a part of   the global story. You are linking hands with the artisan and future buyer.

Houston Welcomes Refugees– we are working with Houston Welcomes Refugees to identify single women who need part time jobs. We love their easy access ministry -an opportunity for everyone to get involved with serving refugees in our city.

Be the change

When you purchase our fair trade product, you are empowering survivors and those at-risk to be trafficked.

There are 40.3 million victims of human trafficking globally

81% are trapped in forced labor

25% are children

75% are women and girls