Empowering Women Around The Globe in Jesus' Name

Mercy House exists to engage, empower and disciple women around the globe in Jesus’ name. Engage those with resources to say yes to the plight of women in poverty. Empower women and teenage mothers around the world through partnerships and sustainable fair trade product development. Disciple women to be lifelong followers of Jesus Christ.

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Mercy House is a global movement and it started right here in America.  We are a team of thousands of individuals making a difference.  Explore the links below to see where you can get involved.



June 28, 2016

A Closer Look Into How We Help (Join Us)

Imagine being so desperate to feed your children that you actually give them away. One by one. Hafsa, one of our new moms in Kenya, has parents who’ve had to make this unthinkable choice-again and again. Both are jobless and suffer from health issues. Four of Hafsa siblings are in a children’s home because of their situation.

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June 6, 2016

Hope’s Endless Possibilities {And A New Exciting Opportunity}

Against all odds, these women have become Fair Trade Friday artisans, bracelet makers. And they have taken the money they have earned from accessories and they have put it to work. They pooled their money and came up with a business plan to start a taxi business and work themselves out of poverty over the next couple of

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