Wish List

needs by priority:

Refugee Ministry:

1. Salary for a refugee teacher-conduct twice a week ESL classes $12,000

2. Refugee crisis fund $5000

3. ESL curriculum for 20 refugee women $1000

Magnolia Warehouse needs:

1. Moving expenses to a new warehouse $20,000 (current lease ends 10/22)

2. Shelving $10,000


1. Hospital bill for new premature baby $5000 

2. Salary for basket weaving teacher for to train a new group of women $7000

3. Paid Training for six months for 16 women to become basket weavers $25,000

4. Jan. 24, 2021, one of our 3 maternity homes burned down (thankfully, no fatalities!) due to faulty wiring. We lost 1/3 of our assets and have been raising money for a year to replace the home. We have raised $550,000 for a new comparable compound to house 12 teen moms/ their children and staff and still need $250,000.

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