• Security alarm for one of the houses $400 a month (due to government increases)
  • $1000 art camp overhead (for staff to conduct a week camp in April)
  • Bonuses for 20 staff members in Kenya $5000 (or $250 a person)
  • Construction of new classrooms on-site at maternity centers $13,000 (remaining)
  • Parenting Classes and Small Business Training for Families of Residents who qualify $600 per family or $7000 for one group.
  • 4- Wheel drive vehicle that seats 8.  The road to our new house is very bad causing additional costly maintenance on our current vehicle. $18,000
  • Vehicle maintenance on current vehicles $6000 annual


  • $5000-One month’s rent in our barn, help turn our store sales into 100% profit
  • $1000 Vinyl Sign Store (update a more visible one)
  • $5000 construction compliance to get food service license to serve coffee at the barn

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