There are 2 hours set aside each day for learning and completing sustainable skills:

-Sewing: The maternity home owns four sewing machines and our skills teachers teach basic sewing skills.

-Jewelry: Hand-crafted paper beads will be created with recycled paper to make gorgeous pieces of jewelry. Unique samples have already been made!

-Crafts: Paper mache mobiles and unique art are some of the crafts our girls make. These items are made from 100% recyclable materials and will be a colorful addition to anyone’s home decor!

-Other craft-making skills will be taught.

Check out the store for one-of-a-kind creations our girls make.



The maternity home does not hire staff to perform all household tasks. It is imperative the girls are trained with skills for living: preparing and cooking nutritional meals, gardening, shopping in the local market, bargaining for the best price, cleaning, laundry, budgeting finances, and childcare. Much of this training happens by living and working together.

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