Visit Mercy House

Check back here, January 2017 for information about our summer Learning Trips.

Mercy House takes annual Learning Trips each summer.  Dates and information are released by January 1st or earlier each year.  This is a great opportunity to visit the areas and ministries where Mercy House works.

NEW VISITOR POLICY-Effective Immediately 2012

While we do not facilitate individual trips to Kenya through Mercy House, we can highly recommend this in-country travel service to help with your lodging, transportation, Etc.

We are receiving requests every week from supporters and donors and interested parties who would like to visit Rehema House in Kenya.  If you are going to be in Kenya, Mercy House would be honored if you stopped by for a brief visit.



While we want to share the work that is being done, we have a strict visitation policy to protect our girls and babies and also our visitors.  If you are planning a trip to Kenya and would like to visit, your visit must be approved in our US office. Please fill out a contact form and you will be sent an application to visit or complete it from link below. Visits need to be approved and cleared with our Kenyan staff, as this is a rescue center and operates on a strict schedule. We have limited spots each month for visits.

If you are living or staying in Kenya, your visit must also be approved.

Rehema (*Swahili word for mercy) House is a Rescue Center. Our girls have been through severe trauma and we want to protect and guard their hearts.



-All visitors must submit to a background check ($20 US dollars) and complete the attached application for approval.

-We request that all visitors bring one bag of magazines to donate to our skills program.

-We do not allow drop in visits, all visits must be pre-approved by US staff prior to visit at least 30 days in advance. Visits are allowed on case-by-case instances. We have designated visitation times each month.

-Please do not ask personal questions like “How did you get pregnant, tell me your story, etc” Our girls are recovering from trauma and many are not ready to talk about their pasts.

-Instead encourage them about their future, share Scripture, prayer, tell them they are beautiful, tell them they have beautiful babies, etc

-Do not (under any circumstances) ask if you can stay overnight at the maternity home. We have strict policies against this to protect our girls and our visitors.

-Please feel free to shop our Fair Trade products. 100% of the money goes back into supporting our home.

-Please remember you are a guest in the home and act courteous at all times.

-Do not share pictures of our girls or babies on Facebook or any social media avenues.

-If you have specific requests, please ask the US staff and do not put our Kenyan staff in a position where they have to make decisions on the spot (like asking for transportation, lodging, etc).

-Please do not offer our girls money or possessions. If you would like to give money or something they need, please speak to the staff about it.

-At this time, we do not have work teams because we desire to employ and empower local Kenyans

-Visits are limited to two hours. We hope during that time you get a glimpse of the ministry, meet our staff, girls and babies, enjoy tea,, a song and prayer and the opportunity to shop.

-We reserve the right to cancel visits at our discretion due to unforeseen circumstances (if this happens your $20 will be refunded)

At this time, we are not helping groups or individuals plan trips with the only purpose being to visit/volunteer at Rehema House. We simply don’t have the manpower or resources and don’t want to encourage our in-country staff with this distraction since we are a new non-profit. But if you are already visiting with another group, we can help arrange a visit to Rehema House. We do not have availability for guests to stay at the home. But we can put you in touch with local people that can help you with lodging, transportation, etc. Please understand we cannot be liable for risks that come with traveling to a developing country.