Last week, we set aside a day to give thanks. And a couple for in-store and online deals.
Today is a day dedicated to give to others. Giving Tuesday at Mercy House matters.

Next month, Rehema House will begin rescuing pregnant girls from the streets of Kenya. We will care and provide for them and their babies and we will love them like Jesus does.

$20 per day X 30 residents = $18,500 for one month of care.

Will you cover 1 day for 1 resident?

We aren’t asking for one big gift, we are imploring everyone to give a one-time $20 to support one resident. We are working to remember oppressed and impoverished women around the globe by empowering them with hope. We would love for you to join us in the monumental task of reminding women they are not forgotten.


Join us today?

Click here to give $20 to help us help them.