We began maternity homes in  Kenya to keep teen moms and their babies together –and alive.


So, to suddenly lose a baby we fought so hard to keep alive has been devastating.

This past month, one of our babies died of SIDS.


Baby Blessing was born too early at 31 weeks–just 24 hours after her teen mother was rescued. She was a botched abortion. The outcome of a choice made for a teen girl that caused a domino of events no one could predict.

Her small premature body worked hard to thrive–and that’s exactly what she and her mother did in our home for months in Kenya–she gained weight, slowly met milestones and became the in-house miracle. She was the baby to hold and coerce a smile out of.

IMG_5241Blessing was everyone’s blessing.

Against all odds, this baby meant to die lived. But at nearly 4 months old, her young mother woke to find her asleep forever in the nearby cradle.


And now, Blessing is everyone’s grief.

Because we are a family. In Kenya, our teen moms are sisters and our babies are cousins. We celebrate and mourn together.

And you–you are family, too. You have supported and prayed with us every step of the way. And we can’t rescue girls and keep babies alive without your help.


If you’d like to give towards our medical fund (Baby Blessing’s premature medical bills and funeral) cost more than $5000. Help us help women around the globe in Jesus’ name.

Her life was short but she was a blessing.

Be a blessing.