There is simply no way to describe with words exactly what happens in the lives of each teen mom in our maternity homes in Kenya.

But know that it is sacred.

These sweet girls have been abandoned and abused by the world and they come to us broken and afraid. Slowly, they transform. It’s small at first. A smile. A laugh. It’s a tender hand on a swollen belly.

A mother is born. A child is loved. We’ve witnessed it over and over and every time, we see the miracle Jesus has done.


Once hope has been ignited, there is no stopping these girls from dreaming. They talk about school and the future. They dream for their children.  It’s a hope avalanche and it’s breathtaking.

These girls worship from a place of redemption. They are the first to acknowledge who has rescued them and they are eager to say thank you to God. Worship is an action word and it’s holy to witness.

The current group of residents are exuberant worshipers and they begged for music lessons. With donated instruments and a local worship leader, the girls wrote a song together.  It’s sung in Swahili, three Kenyan tribal languages and Luganda since one of girls is from Uganda.


The words mean the grace of the Lord has saved me.

Even if you can’t understand the lyrics, there’s no denying that the song sounds a lot like hope.