This is the most important part of the program because we can offer opportunity, but only Christ can offer true hope. In every aspect of the home occurs prayerful perspective. Sound Biblical teaching occurs on a daily basis, with morning and evening devotions. Regular church attendance is required. While religion is not forced and girls don’t have to be Christians to live in the maternity home, they do have to participate in meetings. The local church is a resource.


Since rape and abuse are such a huge contributing factor to unplanned/unwanted pregnancies, extensive counseling is provided in this area by the staff counselor, and the private hospital has a Crisis Rape Program. Counseling for emotional issues, family problems and personal crisis is available. We also have group therapy, and books and resources to aid in the healing process.

Our staff has received very specific training dealing with counseling children in trauma. It is called Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy(TF-CBT), a model with ten stages.

TF-CBT is an effective, flexible, culturally sensitive counseling which is adaptable to other cultures and adaptable for use by non-professionals. It was discovered by Becca C. Johnson, a psychologist from America. It is a counseling that encourages progress, educates about trauma, teaches self-help skills, addresses thoughts and feelings that affect our behaviors, focuses on one’s trauma, encourages sharing one’s story, involves caregivers in the healing process and evaluates unhealthy perspectives.

The components are: Psycho-education; Emotion regulation; Correcting unhelpful beliefs; Trauma narrative and Positive parenting.




We want to have a positive impact on the slums and surrounding community. While we seek to take the worst cases into the residences, we understand the vast need remaining in the community. We are establishing Mom Mentoring Groups in nearby slums. This outreach takes place in the slum, closest to our homes. We conduct Discovery Bible Studies and develop relationships in weekly meetings. The moms will learn valuable life skills as well as have the opportunity to make products to help sustain their lives through empowerment and employment.