Each new resident receives medical care through the maternity home, beginning with a thorough physical exam at a safe hospital. A normal delivery costs from $900 up to $2000 for emergency c-section and all medical expenses will be covered by Mercy House. If they have health issues (such as HIV), they receive needed medications and support. Regular check-ups are performed by the hospital nurse. Girls receive proper nutrition through a balanced, nutritious diet. The home is equipped with emergency birthing supplies, but girls deliver at a nice private hospital located close to the home. The girls receive excellent care and follow doctor’s guidelines during their postnatal experience. Breastfeeding is highly encouraged, although formula will be available to moms with HIV.


This is a crucial area in the program. Because of extreme poverty, food often has low nutritional value. Protein is rare and many times it is hard to find. There is education on proper nutrition while pregnant, while nursing and on what to feed babies and children. False information is dispelled. Each resident receives 3 healthy balanced daily portions that include fresh vegetables, protein, eggs, and milk, plus they partake in traditional tea times twice a day.