Against all odds, these women have become Fair Trade Friday artisans, bracelet makers. And they have taken the money they have earned from accessories and they have put it to work. They pooled their money and came up with a business plan to start a taxi business and work themselves out of poverty over the next couple of years. (This is our dream for all of our Fair Trade Friday groups!)

Sometimes hope looks like a motorcycle.



Have Hope, laid hands and every ounce of hope they could muster on the bike they purchased as a group by saving a couple of dollars each a week for over a year.  As they prayed for this dream and its hired driver (yes, they created a job!), it was holy work. They, along with our staff, will be doing in-depth business training this summer, so they can turn their seed money from bracelets into a fleet of motorbikes that will carry them out of slum life some day.

When I left that room, I couldn’t stop thinking about how to continue what we’ve started with them. Yes, I was full of hope, but knowing that poor women are counting on your help is a heavy burden. Sometimes it feels like it will crush me.

As I sat in traffic for the next two hours, I fought more tears, begged for wisdom and wrestled the burden out of my hands into His. Because I knew I had to help them sell a whole lot of bracelets for this dream to come true.

Only God can give us dreams with endless possibilities.



And that’s when it came to me: Stackabilities | Bracelets that Provide Endless Possibilities –a trendy set of 5 stackable bracelets.

Everyone loves a fun party on their arm and stackable bracelets never go out of style. Today, we are thrilled to introduce our first Stackabilities in Summer Shades of coral, sand and sunset tones and in Warm Whites. Every season Have Hope will change up the colors and in Jesus’ name we will sell these handmade paper bead bracelets that will provide endless possibilities for one very special group of women in Kenya.



We have priced them at $14 for the set of 5 bracelets (a steal) and they are available for wholesale at $7 a card -so please share them with your favorite coffee shops, boutique stores, church book shops, etc! (Wholesale inquiries: please email

 One day God will say, “For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in..” And we will answer, “Lord, when did we do these things?” I believe He might just answer, “When you stacked bracelets on your arms…”

have hope that –together–we can provide endless possibilities!