Over the recent months, Texas (and specifically Houston) has accepted more than four thousand people—either seeking asylum from Afghanistan, here as refugees, or who have aided our military and found safety here in the USA. Many of the people who are here had only a few hours’ notice to flee and have arrived with just the clothes on their backs. Some people might use the word “overwhelmed.” We are choosing to use the word OPPORTUNITY. The opportunity in Houston for Christians to welcome our new neighbors from the Middle East is epic. It’s exhilarating to live in a time when the world and many previously-unreachable people are at our back door—needing airport pickups, groceries while they get settled, help setting up apartments, and friends in the USA to help them transition to a new life, language, and culture. Don’t miss this incredible, life-changing opportunity and invitation to do something meaningful with your family. If you are able to provide ANY assistance, YOUR CITY NEEDS YOU! Please make sure your church knows about this opportunity to serve the world, right in their own backyard! There are opportunities to provide welcome kits for new moms, register children for school, and much more!

If you want to learn more about ongoing opportunities not included in the list below, please fill out this form.

We are assisting the YMCA with assembling welcome kits for new moms who are arriving in our city pregnant or with brand new babies. This is an opportunity that anyone can participate in – you don’t have to be local! Just click on the link above and purchase one or more items from our Amazon list and they will ship directly to our warehouse to be assembled by volunteers into kits ready to drop off with new moms!

We are assisting local resettlement agencies with registering children who are refugees for school. This might include scheduling and taking children to vaccination appointments, assisting with filling out school enrollment paperwork online or in-person, and visiting the school with the family to complete in-person registration requirements. 

If you have a pretty flexible schedule and live local to the greater Houston area, we would love for you to sign-up for “Last-minute” needs to help host baby showers or take pregnant women to the doctor.