When something is healthy–it grows.

Growth isn’t always easy or comfortable, but it’s always a good sign. We are experiencing sweet growth in Kenya. In January, when the new school term began, several of our teen mommas who had finished the residential program at Rehema House, were ready to dip their toes back into school, either academic or vocational.

We currently have 10 girls in our sponsorship program who are in school outside Rehema. Some have integrated back home with family to care for their children while they learn and others, who didn’t have a place to return to are still residents at night when the return from a nearby primary school.

From past experiences, we’ve learned the transition from our beautiful maternity homes–where every daily need is met in abundance– to home where the family is working to put food on the table–can be difficult. Some of the girls have thrived while others have struggled. This is one of the reasons small business and parenting training is critical for families.

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For some time now, we have identified a need for a more gradual transition back home–a halfway place where the girls can have a little more independence in the city and also be closer to academic and vocational schools that aren’t available near our undisclosed rescue centers.

We are in the process of moving 5 of our newest graduates into a home we have rented –a new 1year transition home. And with the 5 new open beds, we will begin the hard and redemptive process of rescuing 5 more pregnant teens.

Because of this transition home, we are able to move girls like Phenny, who is a very bright student, to a much better school that will help take her to the next level.


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Because of this addition, we are growing our sponsorship program, allowing more sponsors to be involved so that we can continue to pay for each girls educations, her child’s welfare and the cost of the transition home. We are so excited about what God has taught us and how we are seeing beauty from ashes in each of these girls lives.

If you’d like to sponsor–we need  your $21 a month to help provide school fees, uniforms, books, childcare when needed, and making the transition into the future– a smoother one. Click here to meet the girls who need your help.