Water Well:
Unfortunately, Rehema House ran into unexpected costs on completing the well, due to changing government regulations. In order to complete the project, we need:
  1. Purchase a transformer to handle 220v power $5000
  2. Install a small water tower to provide pressures for neighboring homes we plan to provide water to $8000
  3. Additional electrical work and a new pump $5000
  4. In-ground Piping to Rehema House $3000
  5. Piping to edge of property to provide water to community $4000
In total, we need approximately $25,000 to have a fully functioning well.
If you’d like to help us, or have your church, community group tackle a section, you can donate here (put water well in the memo). Thank you!

Our street mom ministry in a Kenyan slum needs to rent a local space so the ladies can meet to work on becoming a Fair Trade Friday group. $200 month

Projector for staff and residents training $500

Small Business Training for families of residents who qualify (includes 12 week training and transportation for more than 20 guardians) $600 per family or $5000 for one group

4 Wheel drive vehicle that seats 8.  The road to our new house is very bad causing additional costly maintenance on our current vehicle. $18,000

USA Needs:

Inventory System -Quickbooks Point of Sale (with scanner and software) $2000